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It’s high time restaurants adopt a digital-first tech approach, GenieTech says

The digital era continues to disrupt every segment of the restaurant value chain—whether it be from in-store or customer-facing technology—and, the only way to thrive in this changing landscape is to adopt a digital-first tech approach, says leading solutions provider Genie Technologies, Inc. (Genietech).

According to Jett Nava, client engagement manager of GenieTech, today’s customers expect fresh food, as well as a different dining experience that can entice them and trigger repeat visits. This mindset urges restaurant operators to redefine data as a commodity.

Citing industry research by media organization HospitalityTech.Com, Nava noted that most restaurants with little to no integration of any digital tools feel less satisfied with their visibility online.

Most players also say that point-of-sale is the top system from which to mine data. They also consider having an established data flow as vital for restaurants to go beyond dashboards and unlock the full capability of available business insights—all of these strategies are being rolled out to increase their sales and thrive amid the strict competition.

“Restaurants are now realizing the benefits of taking on a digital-first approach because of the many ways that it can help maximize every interaction with your customers, manage the pace of technology and lower the costs of running a restaurant,” said Nava. “For restaurants in the country, they need to take advantage of the available tech tools and systems so they can reap its benefits.”

Recently, GenieTech, together with its partner NCR Aloha, the world’s preeminent restaurant point-of-sale solution, gathered restaurant owners, operations managers, and heads of IT department to elevate the discussion on this trend through a series of events and focus group discussion.

The “#Digital 1st: Restaurant Technology. On-premise. Off-Premise and Everywhere in Between” provides insights about fixed and mobile POS software and hardware, payments, mobile alerts, and advanced reporting; as well as a self-ordering Smart Kiosk, Smart Tablets, and Smart Codes for restaurants to improve same-store revenue and customer satisfaction.

The session also presented the concept of breaking free from behind the counter and serving customers anywhere in the restaurant with mobile POS capabilities, opening up new digital channels for restaurant, driving brand loyalty and reward your best customers, and reducing labor and food costs with inventory and employee management.

All these concepts underline the importance of creating a data-driven restaurant amid the ever-changing digital world. Through the use of digital tools that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), restaurants are given a transformative opportunity to collect data and gain not just insights but also, actionable recommendations to strengthen their operations.

GenieTech is a partner of NCR Aloha in rolling out these types of restaurant management tools for businesses in the Philippines. NCR Aloha gives operators the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace and accuracy of service, such as entering orders and payments, streamlining food preparation and delivery, and improving operations.

NCR Aloha POS is ideal for quick service (QS), fast-casual (FC), casual dining and fine dining tables service restaurants (TS) and can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices, and consumer mobile devices.

As a solutions provider, GenieTech makes it easier to integrate such digital tools in restaurants’ current IT systems. The company is recognized across South East Asia as a highly specialized information technology company that provides global business solutions and world-class consulting and support services.

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