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Kaspersky Lab tracks 100+ sophisticated malicious campaigns

“We’ve been tracking sophisticated targeted attacks for more than six years now and we have seen this kind of activity become a widely used tool for espionage and money theft. Targeted attacks can affect many different types of organizations, it’s not just governments that are affected. Multiple commercial organizations – especially from the enterprise sector – are in danger as well,” said Costin Raiu, Director of Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab.

“They might become an organization of interest for attackers because they cooperate with government and military entities, or because they hold valuable intellectual property, or just because they have access to large financial assets. In this situation getting an early warning on an emerging malicious campaign targeting a certain type of organizations is crucial for entities that are willing to protect their sensitive data reliably. Intelligence based services that make it possible for enterprise security teams to access data about the latest sophisticated threats is a must nowadays,” he added.

The Intelligence collected by Kaspersky Lab’s security experts is available as a special product for enterprise and government customers. It is available via subscription-based access to the special APT Reporting Portal, which contains detailed reports on threat actors, and actionable data to identify attacks on a company’s infrastructure.

Intelligence as a Service
As a leading endpoint security and threat intelligence company, Kaspersky Lab provides its clients with a comprehensive database of valuable threat data – the APT Intelligence Reporting service. Kaspersky Lab’s subscriber-only APT Reporting Portal is a convenient interface for Kaspersky Lab’s customers to access, view and obtain actionable data from our private reports.

All private reports come with context data, which makes it possible for clients to understand an actor’s tactics, the type of organizations it hunts for, and the geography of its activity. This is accompanied with actionable intelligence like Indicators of Compromise, YARA rules and mitigation strategies, which enable the security team of a company to scan its infrastructure for signs of an attack that has already happened, and to protect it from possible upcoming attacks.

Learn more about the Kaspersky Lab APT Intelligence Reporting service here: