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Lenovo launches PHAB Plus and Brand Ambassadress Suzy Bae

Lenovo launches a beautifully designed premium phablet optimized for single-hand use hailed as the Lenovo PHAB Plus. Along with the unveiling of this stunning device is the announcement of the equally gorgeous Lenovo Southeast Asia Ambassadress for the product… Korean Superstar Suzy Bae.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus is a 6.8-inch phablet that features the best-in-class entertainment, speedy internet, and all-day battery life. It is compatible with all HD content like photos, movies, and games, giving users a powerful multimedia experience in one hand. In terms of connectivity, this device features 4G LTE capability that provides reliable and fast connection. Users are also guaranteed for more power with the device’s 3500mAh battery that lends up to 24 hours of talk time and 20 days of standby time.

Selfie enthusiasts will love the camera features of the Lenovo PHAB Plus. It boasts a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. Both of these snappers can capture crisp image regardless of the setting of the environment. Users can also take more natural color and lifelike skin tones with Panorama Selfie function and dual-LED flash.

“Keeping the tech-savvy millennial generation in mind, Lenovo addresses the popularity of larger-screen personal devices, while acknowledging the portability struggles associated with tablet computers. The Lenovo PHAB Plus conquers these boundaries, merging the fun of a tablet with the portability of a smartphone in an attainable and very competitive price tag,” shared Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager, Michael Ngan.

Suzy Bae was chosen as the brand ambassadress for the Lenovo PHAB Plus. She embodies the youth, passion and zest that appeal to the millennials – the target group which Lenovo seeks to reach out to with the Lenovo PHAB Line most especially the Lenovo PHAB Plus.

“Lenovo PHAB Plus is perfect for me to play games, review my videos and catch up on the news while passing time in between movie or television tapings. Moreover, it is both a phone and a tablet, so I don’t need to bring multiple devices with me when I travel,” shares Suzy.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus is now available in all Allphones stores nationwide for Php 14,999. It is also available with Globe myLifestyle Plan 999 with a discounted cash-out price of Php 3,500, and with a Globe Tattoo Plan 999 with Php 9,000 cash-out.

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