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Lenovo releases a statement after Lizard Squad Attack

Lenovo has recently been a victim of a cyber-attack that redirects traffic from their website. The attack was claimed by the Lizard Squad and reportedly, it was done after a week after Superfish.

The website is now back to its regular operation. In line with the incident, Lenovo released a statement:

“Unfortunately, Lenovo has been the victim of a cyber-attack that redirected traffic from the Lenovo website. We responded quickly, addressing the issue and restoring our website’s ecommerce functionality. We continue to monitor the situation for additional developments.

We regret any inconvenience that our users may have experienced if they were not able to access parts of our site. We are reviewing our network security and we will take further appropriate steps to bolster our site and to protect the integrity of our users’ information and experience.

We are also working proactively with 3rd parties and advisors to further investigate and address this attack and we will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

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