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Lenovo S90: Your Stylish Travel Buddy

Traveling light is a constant challenge in this day and age, when we all have multiple devices requiring different cables, adapters, and other accessories. However, these very things that make our bags heavy can be very useful when going places—for taking breathtaking landscape pictures or selfies, sharing these images instantly to Facebook and Instagram, accessing Google Maps or Waze for navigation, catching up on news and updates, watching videos, or playing addicting games while in transit.

Making the most out of a trip is possible, if you have the right travel buddy—the Lenovo S90, a multi-functional mobile device that is light and stylish, powerful, and infinitely useful to take with you everywhere. Now available in the Philippines, the Lenovo S90 is the perfect partner for the modern wanderer. You can enjoy a truly mobile experience wherever you are in the world with just one powerful device.

When traveling, taking photos and videos of all the wonderful things and people you encounter is a must. The Lenovo S90 comes with not one, but two best-in-class cameras that can deliver crisp and vivid pictures every time. The 13MP PureCel rear camera allows you to take professional-grade travel photos—from breathtaking landscapes to close-ups of the textures and colors of your destination. Meanwhile, with the 8MP selfie camera with a built-in LED flash and low-light BSI sensor, you are sure to take amazing selfies in any lighting condition. Its brilliant 5-inch screen allows you to frame better images of you and your companions with the iconic landmarks of your destination.

Reviewing your best shots with the Lenovo S90 is a pleasure in itself, too, thanks to the Super AMOLED HD Display, which makes viewing photos and videos under sunlight easy on the eyes. This patented ultra-thin display saves power and reflects less light to ensure that your eyes do not suffer from strain when looking at it under direct sunlight.

With the Lenovo S90’s best-in-class dual cameras and vibrant display, you are always ready to capture the best moments of your adventures.

The Lenovo S90 can keep you connected with blazing 4G LTE speeds, allowing you to update your family and friends with the highlights of your travels within the blink of an eye. You can easily access your online life while on the go and share high-resolution photos, videos, and other media to your social networks for instant updates on your exciting travel discoveries.

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