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Lenovo’s Super Gadgets for Super Dad

Dads deserve to be pampered just as much as their partners for their hard work and commitment to the family. In order to show appreciation for their dedication, both as a boss and family breadwinner, Lenovo’s versatile business tablet, the Lenovo Yoga ThinkPad 8, and the high-performance multi-mode Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga make the perfect gifts for Father’s Day. With the extra productivity boost from these business-grade devices, every dad will feel empowered to do more at work and at home, enabling them to be better than the super dads they already are.

“Modern dads need flexible devices to control their work experiences and home responsibilities. As the world’s third-largest maker of smart connected devices, Lenovo addresses this need by embracing the philosophy of innovation and developing highly-differentiated devices like the ThinkPad Yoga and ThinkPad 8,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

The dad-cum-business professional can easily send emails and create reports using the ThinkPad Yoga’s legendary keyboard in laptop mode. He can also convert the laptop into a tablet or even a stand to facilitate discussions during office meetings and web conferences. The ThinkPad Yoga’s high definition in-plane switching (IPS) feature and 10-finger multi-touch support screen allows him to easily browse through documents or leverage on the Motion Control to forward documents, videos and photos just by using hand gestures for a more interactive show-and-tell session in the office.

Aside from its multi-mode design, the ThinkPad Yoga also offers various customization options, as well as high performance, security and productivity features to fuel dad’s highly active lifestyle. Near Field Communications allows him to better collaborate with colleagues with enhanced data sharing capabilities. Meanwhile, the ThinkPad Yoga’s ability to respond to voice input enhances his multi-tasking competence: he can chat on instant messaging programs and search the web without lifting his fingers, freeing his hands to perform other tasks.

Today’s busy dads can enjoy the mobility of a capable tablet packed in a nifty form factor that weighs less than 0.5 kg. Dads can easily shift to and from tent, laptop, tablet and even desktop mode with a USB 3.0 dock or monitor, to optimally handle workplace requirements like reading industry news and using collaborative applications or watch movies and play games, for quality family time. With additional features like TPM 2.0, Mobile Device Management, Workplace Join, and an auto-triggered VPN function, the ThinkPad 8 offers enhanced security levels, so dads won’t have to worry about data safety too.

The ThinkPad 8’s multi-mode functionality also eliminates the need to pack different devices to stay in touch with colleagues or­­­ keep up with work while on an out-of-town family trip. With a battery life that lasts up to eight hours on a single battery charge, ThinkPad 8 spares dads from the hassle of having to search for sockets during their family vacation. And with an 8 MP camera that can be quickly activated with a swift click of the optional Quickshot cover’s innovative corner flap, the ThinkPad 8 allows dads to capture family memories in a snap.

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