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LockBit ransomware goes after Macs

LockBit, a type of ransomware, has now become a threat to Macintosh computers, making it one of the most widely used and known ransomware today. Its creators are offering LockBit as a service to other hacking groups at a cost.

Large organizations are their main targets, where they penetrate their systems and encrypt sensitive files, demanding a ransom to release them. Recently, they targeted SpaceX, one of their suppliers, and a Canadian children’s hospital called SickKids. The group is believed to be run by Russians, but it could be operated in the US or China.

However, Apple’s Guardian protection can still prevent LockBit from running even if it is downloaded and sent to a device. While Windows has been the primary target for ransomware attacks, developers could create ransomware targeting Macs as well. As LockBit is known for pushing the envelope in ransomware development, it is not surprising to see more advanced encryptors for these computer models in the future.

Therefore, all computer users, including Mac owners, should follow good online security practices, such as keeping the operating system updated, avoiding opening unknown links and executables, creating offline backups, and using strong and unique passwords for every website visited.

For now, Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief as LockBit has not organized attacks on private Mac computers yet. However, it is still essential to take extra precautions to protect oneself from potential attacks.