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Lucky Green Looks with Green Lumia Devices

According to Chinese horoscope, the lucky color for this year of the sheep is GREEN – a color mostly associated with growth and vitality. It is believed that using things in this color will bring you good wealth, good health and good relationships. Master Hanz Cua, a popular Feng Shui expert advises, “Wearing green, painting the office color green, using green bags or using green color elements would enhance money and wealth luck to you”. The year 2015 may be your “kung hei fat choi-est” yet if you try and greenify your whole year.

Lucky make-up looks
Microsoft Devices recently challenged Jake Galvez, one of the country’s top professional makeup artists to create stunning looks for young actress Yana Asistio that match the bright green color of Lumia 830 with 10MP camera, powerful enough for photo shoots that immortalise special moments and looks like the ones created by Jake.

“Green is a very versatile color that can be used as a great eyeshadow for day or night. It is also perfect for Filipina skin and best with brown or hazel eyes,” says Galvez.

Like the green Lumia devices, he adds, “Green as a makeup color is very modern, unique, it’s also perfect for color combinations of eyeshadow shades. If you’re wearing a green dress or something green, it is best to wear makeup that compliments your dress. You can use something warm on the eyes like taupe or something shimmery like gold or bronze.”

Green Fashion & Accesssories
Another to way to incorporate the lucky green in your looks is with your outfits and accessories. “Green is one of my favorite colors. I usually wear green if I want to catch the attention of people,” says Yana Asistio. “But since I can’t always wear green I can now bring other green items with me for luck.”

“This is where my green Lumia 830 comes in handy,” she adds. It has a customisable home screen and downloadable apps that may help bring a good year. With the exclusive MSN Money app that you can get free from the Windows Apps+Games store, you can access the world’s best financial news and data to help you grow your finances with handy tools and calculators, anytime and anywhere. For those whose New Year’s resolution is to be physically fit, get the Active Fitness app or Adidas miCoach app that enable users to track activity, follow progress on maps and set out a comprehensive training plan.

Jake & Yana with their Green Lumias

What’s best is that these Lumia devices from Microsoft are available in the lucky green color. Karel Holub, general manager, Philippines of Mobile Devices Sales at Microsoft says, “Aside from the colors, we are pleased to say that the Lumia devices are available from entry level to flagship price points that will bring the Microsoft services including Skype, One Drive, and HERE Maps accessible to more people this Chinese new year.”

With all the green positivity that the year of the sheep brings, Lumia devices – including the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 535 with their wide-angle front-facing camera – can also help bring you closer to the achievement of your goals. So be lucky and in with the Lumia Green with suggested retail prices that range from as low as P3,990 – P26,990.

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