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LV projector series


The portable projector market has grown to include a very wide range of users like institutions, small offices and traveling salespeople, and each has their unique set of needs.

Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, is providing the solutions to these users with the release of five new-portable projectors in its LV series. These are the LV-WX300, LV-X300, and LV-S300, and in addition to them are the LV-WX300ST and LV-X300ST, which are the new-short throw models, useful for areas where projection space is constrained. These five models use DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology to project images that are bright and of high image quality. Additionally, they are also versatile and boast low operational costs.

“The new-portable projector markets have vastly different needs, and to provide solutions for all of them requires an extensive range of projectors. This is why Canon has released five models in our new range, including short throw projectors and an SVGA model for emerging markets.” said Joseph Vincent Sanchez, assistant director, Imaging Communications Products for Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc.

Extensive range to suit varying needs

Some users mainly project text, while others need to project high-quality images for their presentations. Some users have the benefit of space, while others regularly have to contend with smaller presentation spaces. The new range of portable projectors from Canon includes five models to meet the needs of these users.

The LV-WX300 is a WXGA widescreen model, with an effective resolution of 1280×800. It can project a 150-inch image when placed 4.85m from the screen, down to a 60-inch image at 1.94m from the screen.

The LV-X300 is an XGA model with a standard resolution of 1024×768. It projects a 150-inch image at 5.67m, and a 60-inch image at 2.27m from the screen.
For users who are predominantly project text or low-resolution images, there is the LV-S300 with an SVGA resolution of 800×600. It projects a 150-inch image at 5.67m, or a 60-inch image at 2.27m from the screen.

For users who operate in environments where space is a constraint, Canon also has a new range of short throw projectors. The LV-WX300ST is a short throw WXGA widescreen projector with a resolution of 1280×800 and can project a 120-inch image at 1.26m from the screen, or a 70-inch image when only 0.74m from the screen.

The LV-X300ST projects at 1024×768 pixels, achieving a 120-inch image at 1.48m from the screen, or a 60-inch image at only 0.74m.

Versatility and longevity

The LV series projectors are designed to be extremely versatile so that they can be used in many different scenarios. They are all extremely bright with a maximum brightness of 3000 lm, allowing them to project clearly in dark or even bright environments.
The standard models are also lightweight and compact, as they only weigh 2.5kg and measure 282 x 114.5 x 232mm. Making them easy to transport around if a user needs to be mobile and set the projector up in many different places. The short throw models weigh at only 2.8kg.

To suit different uses, all of the five models have preset image modes for optimal quality in every situation. Presentation mode is ideal for presentations that contain mostly text. Standard is for colorful images, videos or projecting directly from computer screens. The sRGB mode is for displaying photographs taken with the sRGB color space, and Movie mode is optimized for viewing videos. There are also an additional two image modes that can be customized by more advanced users.

For the best image quality, the new projectors come with the BrilliantColor technology, which uses a new color-processing algorithm to ensure more realistic and precise colors. If projecting onto a screen or surface that is not white, such as colored walls or blackboards, the Screen Color feature helps to color correct the images to match the color of the projected surface.

To reduce the operating costs, the new projectors engage a new lamp system that no longer requires air filters, negating the need to replace the costly filters. The lamp is also durable and lasting, and when used in eco-mode, has a long life of 6000 hours. Between the long life and filter-less system, users can enjoy not only lower operating costs, but also minimal maintenance.

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