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Microsoft partners with IBM to push Surface devices to enterprises

Microsoft is partnering with IBM, one of the world’s most established software makers, to write applications specifically for Surface devices.

The goal is to mold Surface to meet the needs of financial, consumer goods and retail organizations. They also hope that the move will result to increased revenue for the said devices. Surface devices are currently generating revenue of $1 billion every quarter.

This was a significant deal for Microsoft as they want to make Surface devices more attractive to enterprises by installing tailored software with them.

Surface tablets are already used by organizations like the National Football League and Emirates airline but it has had more success with consumers and professional buyers than enterprises.

Aside from collaborating with IBM, Microsoft also stuck a similar agreement with Booz-Allen Hamilton to work on Surface tablets for government, public sector and health-care organization, with an emphasis on security and manageability of devices.

In the past, Microsoft has partnered with Dell and HP as part of an effort to expand Surface beyond the consumer market.

Microsoft also announced the Surface as a Service program, where Surface devices can be packaged with cloud services and paid for on a subscription basis.

(Photo Source: Microsoft)