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Microsoft Pix is a new app that can rival iPhone’s camera app

Microsoft released a new camera app on iOS called Pix and it is created to rival iPhone’s built-in camera app.

Josh Weisberg, principal program manager in Microsoft Research’s Computational Photography Group, said that the company’s goal in releasing the new Pix app is to enable the iPhone to take better pictures.

Here’s how Pix works, when a user takes a photo using Pix, it actually shoots 10 pictures in a half second. During the process, it will track faces and adjust brightness for better exposure. After the shot, it will present a user its preferred best photo. It will present a second option if the scene changes significantly.

Most of the shots will be deleted but the app will first use them to lower image noise, or the colored speckles that downgrade pictures shot in dim or dark conditions.

The app can also work its magic on speeding up videos into smooth fast-forward versions by using Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app for Android.

These are all possible because the Pix app uses a very intelligent AI and it brings with it a new important element of technology called computational photography.

Microsoft Pix is already available on Apple’s App Store.

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