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Millennials need more than just a smartphone

Meet the new Infinix smartphones that allows you to take charge of your life

Millennials know what they want when it comes to smartphones. These highly-digital individuals no longer choose their device solely on looks. Nowadays, what drives their choice is whether the smartphone allows them to capture the moment when that moment is at hand. For these individuals, it is a device that allows them to take charge of the moment.

Infinix Mobility, builders of cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed and dynamic mobile devices, integrated practical innovations into its latest Note Series offerings. With the new Infinix Note4 and Note4 Pro, finally, Millennials now have a set of mobile devices that put them at the center of its innovative features.

“Millennials are the top smartphone users. Despite this fact, not all smartphones are made to complement the kind of lifestyle that they lead. As such, our new Note4 and Note4 Pro are crafted, especially, to give them all the efficiency and convenience they need from their smartphones as they tend to all their adventures,” Marcia Sun, Regional Manager of Infinix Southeast Asia.

The new Note4 and Note4 Pro boast of their state-of-the-art specs and features that are tailored while paying attention to the role that they play to empowering the lives of their users.

Big battery life

Millennials are often troubled by battery life limitations. In many cases, this problem takes a toll, especially that most of their activities require for their device to have a tremendous battery capacity.

For instance, young travelers need an efficient battery to capture photos and videos of their every adventure. Bloggers, on the other hand, need a long battery life to share stories on their social media and to always stay connected. Same goes with online gamers, who need just the right power and time to win their battles.

Taking the big battery life DNA of the Infinix Note series, Note4 is equipped with 4300mAh large battery while Note4 Pro with 4500 mAh, as supported by XPower. This technology maximizes the smartphones’ standby time, offering a two-day power capacity for normal usage and one and a half days for intensive use.

The smartphones also carry a fast battery charging technology. Based in their laboratory test, this innovative feature allows the device to charge 45 percent in just 30 minutes. In addition, it also enables a 250-minute phone call or six-hour offline music listening with just five-minute charge.