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Momo challenge scare spreads online

The popular WhatsApp ‘game’ Momo challenge has been resurfacing online and has become a widespread threat particularly to children as it allegedly hacks kid-friendly content and games on YouTube such as “Peppa Pig” and “Fortnite”.

In a report by, the ‘game’ works as ‘Momo’, which appears to be a strange, creepy woman figure with bulging eyes, tells kids to message her on WhatsApp to give them the ‘instructions’ for the challenge.

The challenge apparently involves increasingly dangerous tasks which can lead to self-harm or even suicide which most parents are left unaware of as the video tells kids to keep it a secret of she will take their lives as well as their loved ones.

While some claimed that the Momo challenge is a hoax, a public warning from Police Service of Northern Island (PSNI) about the ‘game’ has been posted online.

A recent incident in the Philippines involving an 11-year-old boy who was allegedly exposed to the online challenge died after drug overdose .

Suicide reports from other parts of the world including Argentina, Brazil, and Canada have also been linked to the online challenge but none has been confirmed.

(Photo source: Twitter – @yesamybcx/ Facebook – PoliceServiceNI)