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Netflix introduces high-quality audio support for TV viewers

Netflix rolled out a high-quality audio support for its streaming service, offering viewers a higher bitrate for TV devices supporting 5.1 or Dolby Atmos.

In Netflix‘s tech blog, the streaming service announced its improved audio support which lets viewers have a better viewing experience through bringing ‘studio quality’ sound which, according to Netflix, is not lossless, but is “perceptually transparent”.

The bitrate ladder for 5.1-channel audio will be ranging from 192 up to 640 kbps which is “good” audio to “transparent” while the offering for Dolby Atmos is 448 kbps to 768 kbps which is available to Premium plan.

“Our high-quality sound is a great experience for our members even if they aren’t audiophiles. Sound helps to tell the story subconsciously, shaping our experience through subtle cues like the sharpness of a phone ring or the way a very dense flock of bird chirps can increase anxiety in a scene. Although variances in sound can be nuanced, the impact on the viewing and listening experience is often measurable,” Netflix stated.

“And perhaps most of all, our “studio quality” sound is faithful to what the mixers are creating on the mix stage,” the streaming service added.

(Photo source: YouTube – WeAreNetflix)