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Netflix is the most popular TV viewing platform in the US according to survey

Netflix is the leading television viewing platform among adults in the United States according to a survey conducted by Wall Street firm Cowen & Co.

As reported by, 2,500 US adults participated in the survey that revealed Netflix as the most popular option in viewing video content on television gaining 27 percent of the vote.

Basic cable is also one of the popular options as it landed on 2nd place with 20 percent vote followed by broadcast with 18 percent of votes. YouTube meanwhile earned the fourth spot with 11.4 percent of votes.

Rival streaming services Hulu meanwhile gained 5.3 percent while Amazon Prime Videos gained 4.7 percent of the votes.

Netflix is also the top platform among viewers in 18-34 age category with 40 percent votes followed by YouTube with 17 percent, and basic cable with 12.6 percent.

Meanwhile, cable earned the top spot with 24 percent among those with traditional pay-TV subscription, with Netflix only two percent behind followed by broadcast TV in third place.

Netflix released 452 hours of U.S. original programming in Q2 2018 with 51% rise year-over-year, and is set to invest $13 billion on content this year.

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