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One in four claims they would date a robot


Researchers found that one in four young people would happily date a robot if it looked like a real-life human being. Recent films depicting human-machine romance could be soon a reality as more people are actually becoming comfortable of the thought of them being able to date robots. These finding were from a survey asking the public to imagine they were in the year 2036, which also included questions about microchip implants and meal replacement pills.

According to an article from Daily Mail, ComRes and Nesta collaborated with each other in order to facilitate a survey on 1, 000 British adults from age 18 to 34 which was mainly done to promote FutureFest – a weekend festival to excite and challenge perceptions in the future. Co-Founder and one of FutureFest’s curators, Ghislaine Boddington stated that our bodies, our identities and our sense are enhancing thanks to technological and societal shifts. Intimacy as we know it has been expanding its boundaries, enabling us to experience love and affection beyond the physical and into the virtual.

Moreover, 26 percent of the participants of the survey stated that they are willing to date artificial intelligence, 50 percent will use contactless bank cards and would like a microchip implant under their skin in order to easily open doors and log-in at work. Although, 62 percent declared that they would not trade real food for a pill and 33 percent stand firm that tea will still be the most popular beverage in Britain in 2036.