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Oppo unveils first ever under-screen selfie camera

Oppo has introduced new innovation with its selfie camera, one of consumers’ most loved features from the brand, as it introduced the world’s first ever under-screen selfie camera.

Oppo unveiled its upcoming under-screen camera at MWC Shanghai showing a full display phone concealing the selfie camera beneath the screen, similar to how fingerprint readers work.

According to a report by Engadget, under-screen selfie camera will remain invisible until enabled for selfie mode where users will see a more pixelated area highlighting the position of the camera.

Oppo’s new selfie camera tech requires a customized display panel as the zoned-out area features a highly-transparent material and a redesigned pixel structure for improved light transmittance.

The under-screen selfie camera also features a larger sensor with bigger pixels and a larger aperture to get the maximum amount of light possible.

Oppo has yet to reveal details about the release of its new phones featuring the under-screen selfie camera.

Apart from Oppo, Xiami is reportedly working on a similar camera tech.

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