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Original HP inks help make graduation pictures last a lifetime

Graduation is an unforgettable day in the life of any student. More than receiving that much-coveted diploma or certificate, the occasion affirms that one great climb in the ladder of success that a young learner has so far reached. For parents and guardians, the milestone is much sweeter as it validates all the sacrifices and hard work they have made to provide for the education of their children.

That is why both students and their families exert so much effort in capturing the events that surround a graduation event, from discreetly taking pictures and videos of solemn baccalaureate masses, to taking candid shots of graduates hugging their loved ones right after the commencement ceremony.

Realizing how much people truly cherish and value the special moments they have captured in digital images, long after the celebration of graduation, HP enables people to reinvent memories that never fade and share these through pictures printed using HP printers and Original HP Ink cartridges.

With an innovative ink cartridge technology that has taken the company more than 500 years of combined experience to develop, HP produces ink cartridges that use 36,000 drops of ink per second to make graduation smiles last a lifetime, on HP Photo Paper.

With HP Ink’s superior ink quality which boasts of accurate, vibrant colors in permanent ink, photographs printed using Original HP cartridges remain fade resistant and free from smudges and streaks, making your son’s proudest graduation moments still look stunning, even years after.

Its unmatched reliability enables the Original HP Ink to work the first time, every time so there are no wasted photos of such memorable moments as your daughter marching in her black toga or receiving her priceless diploma. Its fast-drying and anti-curling properties also prevent costly and inconvenient paper jams.

Original HP Ink’s affordability also allows for more prints at a lower cost so you can make dozens of copies of graduation pictures to share your child’s achievement with relatives and friends.

With its superb way of reinventing memories that never fade for generations of families to share and enjoy, the HP printer and Original HP Inks are truly the best tools to keep special moments alive.

Want to reinvent memories today? Head on over to the nearest HP printer reseller to get an HP DeskJet printer and Original HP Inks that can produce pictures that will last a lifetime.