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Over 9M people play Candy Crush Saga for 3 hours or more a day

More than 9 million people spend three hours or more a day to play Candy Crush Saga as revealed by a top executive at the maker of the multibillion dollar game.

In an article published by The Guardian, Alex Dale, a senior executive at King, told a Commons select committee investigating immersive and addictive technologies that 3.4% or 9.2 million of the 270 million players play for three or more hours a day, while 0.16% or 432,000 play for six or more hours.

According to Dale, the average player plays for 38 minutes a day with women aged 35 and over as the core market.

Dale also mentioned how one player spent $2,600 microtransactions in a single day last year. However, he did not believe that there was problem with regards to addiction among Candy Crush players.

“Among 270 million players we have between two and three contacts a month from people concerned about having spent too much money or time on the game. It is a very, very small number who spend or play at high levels. When we speak with to them they say they are happy with what they are doing,” said Dale.

Dale also defended the player who spent $2,600, saying that the person made a ‘rational decision’ of taking advantage of the ‘sale’ and used them up over a seven-month period.

“There was a sale on at the time so they were making a rational decision. It is down to player choice if that is what they want to do,” the senior executive said.

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