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Parenting in the digital age

It is often said that it is hard to be a parent in this digital age. In every stage of growing up, there are gadgets and equivalent software and/or applications that a child can use. For example, parents are buying kindergartners smart phones to learn about potty training, the basic ABC’s, nursery rhymes and many more that are suitable for their age.

When they reached their elementary years, they start to play Minecraft, Color Switch or 1010! Then, texting starts and among girls, new issues arise around photo and video sharing, and then the dreadful moment arises: their teenage years. There’s going to be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and even more anonymous applications.

With these coming along, issues like cyberbullying, sexting, pedophilia, cybersex or just simply spending too much time online can arise. What can a parent do to protect her kids from these kind of problems?

Parenting in the digital age is fast becoming a problem and a headache to most parents. Dealing with the problem is one, but the bigger problem is who to talk or where to get the right information from when the problem is already at hand.

But rather than be reactive, pro-activeness is a better solution. The answer to all these impending dangers is to educate both the parents and children about the dangers posed by online activities. Providing them the necessary information and educating them about the proper use of technology is key in avoiding problems from arising.

Leading telecom company Globe Telecom is very aware of these challenges posed by technology, that is why Globe launched a program called Digital Thumbprint Program, which provides three classroom-appropriate workshops for students such as Digital Insight, Digital Impact and Digital Ambition, and where Globe Telecom promotes intelligent and cautious use of internet towards a #WonderfulPH.

With the program, Globe is giving everyone a way to enhance their views on how technology can be used to create a wonderful Philippines.

Nominate your child’s school to be part of the partner schools for the Digital Thumbprint rollout. To nominate, simply fill out this online form: