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Parents are using Pokemon Go as inspiration for baby names

Pokemon Go is everywhere these days and it has certainly dominated the world of gaming. And right now, it is also dominating another world – the world of baby names.

According to BabyCenter, the names of some characters in the smash-hit game have recently surged in popularity. For example, the name Roselia has jumped a mind-boggling 5,896 spots from a year ago while names Onyx and Evee have jumped 2,191 spots and 1,394 spots respectively.

These findings are not surprising as BabyCenter noted that 50 percent of moms in its community are walking around with their smartphones, trying to catch Pokemons.

Names inspired by pop culture is nothing new as Game of Thrones, Frozen, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad, have also served as inspirations for baby names in recent years.

The editor-in-chief in BabyCenter noted that parents are always looking to pop culture for baby names and Pokemon Go is the hottest right now.

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