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PLDT Enterprise partners with Grit XL to transform Morong Rizal into an ICT and BPO hub

A newly-opened leasing space in Morong, Rizal is poised to accelerate the municipality’s transformation into a “next-wave” city for the information communication technology and business process outsourcing sector.

Grit XL has partnered with PLDT Enterprise to ensure reliable and uninterrupted broadband connection which is key to supporting not just digital-focused companies but even micro, small and medium enterprises.

“Grit XL is not just a building – it is an instrument of nation-building,” said Grit XL founder and president Myla Reyes. “What we share with the PLDT team is the vision of Grit XL of creating innovative solutions and pushing for borderless growth for Morong, Rizal. The dream of Grit XL will not happen without technology, and most importantly, without connectivity.”

Reyes noted how PLDT’s digital footprint in Rizal is “very critical” in establishing a thriving ecosystem of businesses in the ICT-BPO industry.

For his part, first vice president and PLDT SME Nation head Mitch Locsin said the partnership is a reflection of both sides’ commitment to enable clients and partners through technology.

“There is nothing more important for MSMEs than to be present where their customers are. Developing next-wave cities such as Morong is aligned with our mission and that of Grit XL to prop up MSMEs and equip them with tools that will allow them to bring their businesses to all-new heights,” Locsin said.

“Our goal, in keeping with the government’s direction of countryside development, is to make Grit XL the innovation center that will help the people and the local government of Morong,” he added.

Locsin noted how the proximity of Grit XL, the first BPO-grade establishment in Morong, to at least 28 higher education institutions not only ensures an abundant supply of talent for hiring but paves the way for work-near-home or satellite office programs.

Reyes, whose husband is from Morong, agrees: “Morong has so many schools but there are not too many opportunities for our graduates. What we want is an ecosystem where our graduates will work here near their homes.”

“We also want to engage the people because the entrepreneurship level in Morong is not high. By equipping them with the technology and digital solutions, we want to create more bosses instead of simply more workers,” she added.

According to assistant vice president and PLDT SME Nation Dennis Magbatoc, Grit XL is envisioned to bring work and opportunities closer to home, offering office leasing, an innovation lab and co-working spaces, and even knowledge process outsourcing support – all supported by PLDT’s broadband connection.

“This is a clear indication of how we continuously support the industry and more so the growth of Morong as an emerging city and Rizal province as a whole,” Magbatoc said.