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Power Mac Center celebrates art and technology with Pixelworx

Power Mac Center dares to test the limits of Filipino creativity with its launch of Pixelworx, a campaign that merges ideas, technology and art through various platforms and events. It culminates with the introduction of Power Mac Center’s newest art envoys and the announcement of its very first multimedia awards competition winners.

Power Mac Center’s four Art Ambassadors, Jay Contreras, Electrolychee (Marcus Nada and Bru Nada), Nikki Luna and Leeroy New, represent cutting-edge artistry and excellence in the Philippine contemporary art scene through photography, graphic design, visual arts and sculpture, respectively.

In the past two months, the Art Ambassadors conducted free workshops and live demonstrations held at select Power Mac Center classrooms, sharing their unconventional art, techniques and ideas in creating their chosen medium. The weekly workshop also focused on demonstrations when using Adobe Photoshop. A Wacom artist gave live sketch and edits of select Pixelworx participants. Wacom also introduced the features and techniques that one can do with the use of the latest Wacom tablets.

“We selected the four artists because they have been making a name in the art industry, bringing art closer to local audiences now more than ever,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez on the exhibit, with the theme, “Defying the Everyday Grind.” “They represent the now and the future of Philippine art.”

For the finale, a special installation was created to showcase the collaboration of the country’s finest artists which embodies the Pixelworx. This projection art will house a unique concept by capturing art in every way a Filipino enjoys his lifestyle.

As part of Power Mac Center’s “Dare to Defy”campaign a multi-media competition was also launched. The competition aims to feature the best of mixed media in a variety of categories from fiber arts to painting, graphic design to photography, animation to film, and many more. From the 100 entries, only 20 made it to the shortlist, and from that 6 winners will be chosen.

Alvarez explained, “Apple products are the perfect instruments for these artists to create, showcase and promote their art. We want these artists to dare to defy conventions through their creative digitally enhanced art.”

Chosen by the Art Ambassadors themselves, the 6 winners from among 20 finalists will receive prizes including iPads, Wacom tablets and Power Mac Center Gift Certificates.

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