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Power to the Music; the new Portable Wireless Speakers from Sony

Sony’s new portable wireless speakers make it easier than ever to conveniently listen to, and share your favourite tracks with great quality sound. In their compact designs, the three new wireless speakers (SRS-X11/SRS-X33/SRS-X55) combine powerful sound quality with Bluetooth/ NFC, enabling you to instantly connect your smart device to the speakers and stream your music. You can even use them as speaker phones, allowing you to conveniently answer calls while enjoying your favourite tracks.

Wireless listening just got better with technology from Sony that gives you a stunning music quality via Bluetooth. Both the SRS-X33 and SRS-X55 feature Sony’s new LDAC audio technology which allows Bluetooth transmissions to carry up to 3-times more data than existing wireless technology, giving you higher quality wireless audio to enhance the wireless listening experience for all your music. Helping the SRS-X33 and SRS-X55 to reach a sound quality that will let your favourite tunes come to life is Sony’s S-Master, DSEE(Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) and ClearAudio+ technology which together improve the bass, clarity and restore audio quality to deliver rich, refined sounds.

With its tiny 61mm x 61mm x 61mm cube-design the SRS-X11 is the smallest speaker in the range. Despite its small body, the SRS-X11 still packs a punch as it combines the power of 10W with two passive radiators allowing you to enjoy a rich, deep bass.

Want double the amount of sound? Use the Speaker Add function to connect two SRS-X11 units together to either create twice the sound power in Double mode, or split the sound signal to enjoy the real stereo sound in Stereo mode.

With a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 12 hours you can enjoy your music wirelessly all day.

The SRS-X11 will be available from April 2015 in 5 different colours (black, white, pink, blue and red) to fit your individual style and will come with a supplied silicon strap for easier portability.

With its 185x60x59mm the SRS-X33 is 20% smaller than its predecessor, the SRS-X3, while maintaining the unit’s outstanding sound quality. Perfect for enjoying music in the summer sun, its internal rechargeable battery lasting 12h won’t ever let you down, so you can revel in the sunshine all day long.

With a total output of 20W 2channel speaker system and dual passive radiators which allow for deeper bass reproduction, you can turn up the volume on your tunes without distortion.

The SRS-X33 will be available from May2015in black, white, red and blue.

The SRS-X55 reaches new levels of sound quality for a compact speaker, combined with an incredibly stylish design. Its 2.1 channel system and dual passive radiators manage to deliver a beat dropping output power of 30W, enough to crank up the tunes for a party.

With its internal rechargeable battery lasting for 10 hours, you are sure to receive the powerful sound you need whether you’re singing along in the kitchen or listening with your friends.

The SRS-X55 will be available from May 2015 in black, white and red.

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