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Procedures on how to get your TechTutor4 certificates:

**For those who bought their tickets from their school:**

We will ask your School Deans/Admins/Professors for the list of attendees, so make sure your names are included in the list. After printing, all certificates will be given directly to them and they’ll be the one to distribute them to you. (For students who weren’t able to get their tickets from their school and got them from SM Tickets/TicketNet instead, please check with your School Deans/Admins/Professors also if they got a list of attendees and have your names included in it.)

**For professionals and individuals not belonging to any school who bought their tickets from the TechTutor4 ticket booth area or SM Tickets/TicketNet:**

Kindly send us an email to with a photo of your ticket with the ticket number indicated. Depending on what you prefer, you can get your certificate from our office or via email.

For inquiries, please send a direct message to Powertips ( We’ll start with the distribution on Monday (October 1, 2012). We will do our best to send your certificates at the soonest time possible.

Thank you so much for your support! God bless us all!

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