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PRINT-INNOVATION: Technology and Innovation in Printing Solutions

Technology is indeed improving – from Camera Obscura (better known as pinhole cameras) to high-class cameras, closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), GoPros, and drones, from telephones to smartphones, from computers (which came from the root word ‘compute’ which simply meant to compute numbers for you) that transforms into a computer that you cannot just use for calculation but also for communication, entertainment, business and so much more.

All these are results of curious minds that want to make life of humanity easier. But there is a technological advancement, that because of it, we are able to read and enjoy different literature that were published throughout time: printers. Now, printers cannot only just be used for writings and texts, but also can be a factor in a business’ success. Different industries use different types of printers depending on their operation and needs. That’s why in this article, we will focus on three brands that are in demand in certain fields.

When it comes to durability aspect and performance, Printronix brings you their industrial printers that can do overnight printing. Such a great feat for the human race to invent such printers that you can leave running throughout the night. Printronix and its industrial printers target different kinds of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and banking. We all know that these businesses rely so much on printers since without them, a transaction will not be closed. Wireless printing is also one of their specialties that will surely bring ease for each job done. Truly an innovation that every business needs.