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Redfox unveils new brand image and identity

Redfox Technologies International Ltd. on Tuesday (August 9, 2016) unveiled its new logo and brand identity to attract higher-end market and the millenials.

Originally sporting a logo of a fox looking sideways, Redfox decided to shift to a logo of a luxurious diamond containing a happy heart as it looks ahead into the future.

Meanwhile, the tech company is stepping up its game from being an original equipment and design manufacturer to an Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) that provides to the global market. It is also sporting a new brand identity that supports “Luxury within Reach” to help reach a wider market and promote cost-friendly quality products.

With the new brand mission in mind, Redfox, which was initially a PC manufacturing company, has widened its product lineup to smartphones, laptops, gaming PCs, and other IT accessories.

Another good news from Redfox is that it is slated to release its first flagship phone, Aurea, and it will be accompanied with mall tours to promote the product.

Redfox will be busy in the days ahead as it is planning to build a global RMA, 24/7 nationwide service center, and the first UXperience Center in Southeast Asia that will offer E-Blue-supported interactive E-Sports and learning centers.

(Photo source:  Infochat)