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Reinvent memories with Original HP inks

Life is full of special moments – from celebrating personal triumphs, birthdays or weddings, to welcoming a new bundle of joy and experiencing new adventures with loved ones. But like everything else, these events, when captured on paper, don’t last forever. That is why HP lets people reinvent memories that never fade, with pictures printed using Original HP Ink cartridges.

Knowing how families and friends truly cherish memories, especially through sharing pictures, HP has taken more than 500 years of combined experience to develop innovative ink cartridges that use 36,000 drops of ink per second to make a smile last a lifetime, on HP Photo Paper.

With Original HP Ink’s print quality, the family is assured of stunning pictures of their first vacation abroad and the children’s achievements that they are proud to show, captured by permanent and accurate vibrant colors that are free of streaks and smudges.

And with its unmatched reliability, Original HP Ink works the first time, every time so there are no wasted photo prints of such priceless moments as first communion or first school recitals. Its fast-drying and anti-curling properties also prevent costly and inconvenient paper jams.

Aside from helping share the family’s precious moments through vibrant pictures, using Original HP Ink can also help care for the environment as empty cartridges and packaging are immediately recycled, at no cost, to produce other plastic products and raw materials, and most importantly, to provide the lowest carbon footprint.

With its superb way of reinventing memories that never fade for generations of families to share and enjoy, the HP printer and Original HP Inks are truly the best tools to keep special moments alive.

Want to reinvent memories today? Head on over to the nearest HP printer reseller to get an HP DeskJet printer and Original HP Inks that can produce pictures that will last a lifetime.