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Report reveals that robots will replace a quarter of business workers by 2035

A quarter of jobs in Britain’s business services sector are in danger of automation within the next two decades, a report said.

According to Deloitte, an accountancy firm, robots could replace a fifth of jobs in administrative roles such as telecoms and IT by 2035. Falling technology costs and rising wages are two possible reasons that make automation highly attractive.

Out of 3.3 million jobs which could be identified as business services roles, there was a “high chance” that 800,000 to one million of those jobs would no longer require human employees over the period.

Simon Barnes, a Deloitte partner, added support to the claim by saying that the sector’s workforce would “fundamentally change over the next 10 to 20 years” and that humans are likely to be liberated from “repetitive and highly structured” jobs while new higher-skilled positions are expected to be created to replace them.

Barnes added that Deloitte can see “the pace of automation to increase exponentially over the next few decades.”

Last month, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said that many of the jobs and industries we are now familiar with “will be gone tomorrow.” He added that the rising speed of technological change is a threat to young people choosing their careers.

(Photo Source: The Telegraph)