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Researchers develop system that can detect movement through walls using AI and wireless signals

It is now possible to see movements of people beyond walls as researchers at MIT CSAIL developed RF-Pose, a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and detectable wireless signals to identify movements and postures behind obstacles.

As reported by, the researchers’ AI was trained to recognize human movement in RF by showing examples of on-camera movement and signals that are reflected from human bodies for it to understand the correlation of the reflections to a given posture.

AI could then use wireless in order to analyze movements that it represents using stick figures.

The researchers then consider their invention as a useful system in tracking the development of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

It could also be of help to the elderly for them to stay in their own homes by sending alerts in case signs of trouble took place.

The technology reportedly has 83 percent reliability for identifying people in large groups with as many as 100 persons which researchers see as helpful in conducting search-and-rescue operations.

In terms of privacy, CSAIL is developing a solution they referred to as “consent mechanism” which will require specific movements to be performed before being tracked.

(Photo source: YouTube – MITCSAIL)