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Robot valets are parking vehicles at an airport in France

Self-driving robot valets created by French firm Stanley Robotics have started to serve vehicle owners at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport in France.

According to a report by, the robot valets which have been tested for a few years started its first full-time service at the mentioned airport where it carries and parks vehicles.

The system works as customers park their cars in special hangars where the scanning of the vehicles takes place to confirm their make and model.

The robots then drives inside the hangar, slides a platform underneath the vehicle, lifts and carries it away, and parks it.

Stanley Robotics say that the system is more efficient as it can fit 50 percent more cars into the same area compared to humans, parking their vehicles.

Apart from the robots’ precise driving, it is also because the system keeps track of when customers will return which means the robots can park cars three or four deep but dig the right vehicles as well just in time for its owner’s return.

Four robots are currently taking over parking in one section of the airport’s six regular lots which will be able to park and retrieve up to 200 cars each day.

(Photo source: YouTube – Stanley Robotics)