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Samsung releases a statement on fingerprint scanner issue

Samsung formally released a statement regarding the fingerprint scanner issue on its Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series.

The issue can be traced back to Galaxy S10 and Note 10 unlocking even without the user’s fingerprint. As it turns out, screen protectors are applied on the affected devices. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S10 and Note 10 picks up the fingerprints of the user on the screen protector even if the user is not touching the device to unlock it.

“To prevent any further issues, we advise that Galaxy Note10/10+ and S10/S10+/S10 5G users who use such covers to remove the cover, delete all previous fingerprints and newly register their fingerprints,” Samsung advised in the statement.

The statement also promised that the issue will be rectified in the future with a software update. Expect the software update to land as early as next week.

With all the issue surrounding the Galaxy’s fingerprint scanner, it is also advisable to use a PIN or a password until Samsung rectifies the problem.

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