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Sending Money via Facebook Messenger starts in US

Facebook added a new feature in its Messenger giving people a more convenient and secure way to send and receive money. This feature will roll out these coming months in the US across Android, iOS and desktop. There are no reports yet if it will be released in other parts of the globe.

The first time user of this feature needs to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank. They also have to create a PIN to provide security or enable Touch ID for iOS devices. Users can also add another layer of authentication for more protection.

To send money, users only have to tap the $ icon and enter the amount they wanted to send. Next, they can tap Pay in the top right and add their debit card to send money. To receive money, users need to tap Add Card in the conversation and add their debit card to accept money.

The money that has been sent is transferred right away. It may take one to three business days to make the money available depending on the users’ bank.

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