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Simple ways on how Filipinos can use Twitter for productive activities

Due to the enhanced community quarantine, many people are glued to their devices to stay connected. Twitter keeps Filipinos updated with #WhatsHappening, especially about COVID-19. In fact, Tweets related to the pandemic spiked up to 283% in March on January and February combined, making Twitter the preferred platform for real-time information.

Staying in their own homes did not stop the Filipino spirit from being united. On Twitter, people from all walks of life are doing their share to help communities and raise awareness to issues that matter the most. But aside from volunteerism and bayanihan, there are other ways Filipinos use the platform to relive a sense of normalcy and hope even during these challenging times.

Here are simple yet purposeful activities that Filipinos can find and do on Twitter:

1. Creating art to reduce stress
Art is a way of expression, and it is through art that we can also find enjoyment and a piece of serenity. Filipino artists have been using the hashtag #ArtPH to showcase their works and encourage fellow artists to keep on creating as well.

In the midst of the current situation, people turn to art as one of the ways to destress and interestingly, a creative means to extend help. Filipino artists opened up commissions wherein the proceeds will be given to donation drives for frontliners and more. Check the hashtag #ArtForMedPH to view amazing artworks done by local artists, share or challenge friends to showcase their creative pieces along with the hashtag #ArtPH.

2. Get practical and expert advice
Aside from staying at home and practicing measures such as having #SafeHands, people need to be healthy inside out. Though it is practically impossible to visit a doctor for consultations, it’s a fortunate time that people can still find doable and proper advice from experts who are active on the platform.

The Department of Health (@DOHgovph) gives practical tips on how to stay healthy as well as the latest news regarding COVID-19. They produce short animated videos and infographics that capture the user’s attention and make the tips and guidelines easier to follow.