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Skype introduces AI-powered background blur feature in video calls

Microsoft has introduced a new feature to chatting app Skype as it brings the AI-powered background blur for video calls.

In a report by, the said feature has two main purposes for video calls— one is to help focus the attention to speaking and another is to block potential distractions e.g. messy background during the conversation— the same feature it introduced in Microsoft Teams last year.

Skype Team said in a statement: “Background blur in Skype is similar to background blur in Microsoft Teams. It takes the stress out of turning on your video and puts the focus where it belongs — on you! With a simple toggle, right-click, or even through your Skype settings, your background will be instantly and subtly blurred, leaving just you as the only focal point.”

The blur feature, which is only available in desktop for now, can be enabled by hovering over the video button.

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