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Smartphone cases acts as ‘airbag’ to prevent phones from getting damaged

People who often drop their phones can now worry less as a student at Aalen University in Germany created a product that will act as an ‘airbag’ for smartphones.

According to a report by, Philip Frenzel, a 25-year-old master’s student created what he calls “mobile airbag” that can prevent damages once the phone falls.

The case which was designed for four years is equipped with sensors that are able to detect when a phone is falling.

Four springs located on the case’s corners will then unfold and poke out in two directions once the sensors activate, preventing the phone from hitting the ground.

The set of eight thin metal curls can be folded back inside the case once the phone has been picked up.

However, the case does not offer full protection for the phone as it could still be damaged once it falls from an uneven surface.

Frenzel said he is planning to post his creation on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to “be able to finance our livelihood with it. In short, we hope for a hype.”

(Photo source: YouTube – Landesschau Baden-Württemberg)