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Sony’s Wena Strap can transform a regular wrist watch into a smartwatch

Sony has introduced its latest Wena wearable, the Wena Wrist smart watch strap which basically transforms regular watches into ‘smart’ ones with the technology brought within the strap which can be attached with users’ existing watch or Sony’s very own “head” designs .

In a report by, the Wena Wrist consists of two options— metal straps called Wena Wrist Pro, which is available in silver and black; and the Wena Wrist Active which is a silicone strap which can double as a standalone wrist-worn activity tracker.

The Wena Wrist Pro which is more traditional option has 18, 20 and 22mm attachments with the technology concentrated inside the clasp of the strap that allows users to make contactless payments, log simple activity and see basic notifications on the small screen.

The Wena Wrist Active meanwhile features a GPS tracker and heart-rate monitor which are not included in Wena Wrist Pro. I can also be integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit and also features a quick-release system for more comfort while exercising or sleeping.

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