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Starmobile unveils Ultra Slim KNIGHT Luxe

Local smart devices brand, Starmobile, unveils the KNIGHT Luxe, the company’s slimmest and most elegant smartphone ever.

Built on a diamond-cut aluminum frame with a profile measuring no more than 6.85mm, the Starmobile KNIGHT Luxe boasts of being the first Pinoy phone to feature ISOCELL camera technology with a 5-inch HD AMOLED screen.

“We’re ecstatic to offer a uniquely beautiful product such as the KNIGHT Luxe,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “Its luxurious looks and advanced imaging features make it the perfect marriage of art and technology–it is simply breathtaking both inside and out,” Chen said.

Snap-happy Filipinos can now enjoy taking crisp and clear photos in a variety of shooting environments thanks to the ground-breaking ISOCELL camera sensor.

ISOCELL is an improved version of Backside Illumination (BSI) camera technology which Starmobile democratized in 2012.

“BSI enables phones to take bright photos even in low light situations. ISOCELL, takes it up a notch by improving color fidelity and sharpness in light- and color-rich environments,” said Chen. “This makes it the ultimate all-around cameraphone,” he added.

To complement the cutting-edge camera, the KNIGHT Luxe makes use of a premium 5-inch AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. AMOLED delivers a superior user experience similar to that from products of international brands.

“With the ability to produce its own color and light, AMOLED displays are known for amazing depth and clarity,” said Chen. “It is the perfect companion to the ISOCELL camera making the KNIGHT Luxe a true imaging powerhouse,” he ended.

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