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Study reveals 66% of link tweets are shared by bots

Twitter has been undeniably one of the giant social networking platforms but a study by Pew Research Center revealed that the website is dominated by bots.

In a report by Pew, researchers studied around 1.2 million link tweets to 2,315 popular websites shared by 140,545 Twitter accounts in less than two months last year and concluded that 66 percent were shared by suspected bots while 34% were only shared by human accounts.

Among the 66% shared links by bot accounts, 22% were tweeted by top 500 most-active suspected bot accounts.

Meanwhile, among the 34% shared links by accounts handled by real human users, only 6% were tweeted by 500 most-active human accounts.

The sites included in the study were categorized in groups including adult content, sports, celebrity, commercial products or services, organizations or groups, and news and current events.

The center used the Botometer system developed by researchers but Pew said that the results of the study may have a degree of uncertainty.

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