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Study shows Filipinos are embracing cashless payments more

“We have seen strong growth in contactless payments in the Philippines, especially after partnerships with key merchants such as SM and Robinsons who have implemented contactless payments acceptance across their stores in the Philippines. We will continue to engage more merchants and banks to promote the benefits of contactless payments,” added Dan.

Transportation in the Philippines is a category where Filipinos are keen to use e-payments. Based on the study, almost nine out of 10 Filipinos are generally supportive of e-payments for transportation which includes jeepneys, buses, trains, taxis and private car hires. In fact, more than half of the respondents think it is more convenient to pay using credit or debit cards for their transportation fares.

Beyond that, the research also shows how Filipinos are open to future technology to pay for their goods and services. Such technology leverages on card-on-file payments or digital payments. Six in 10 respondents express interest in using AI chatbots to order and make payments for their purchases. Ninety per cent of respondents are also interested to use self-service checkout kiosks instead of going to cashier counters, and 72 per cent of them prefer to use their payment cards, contactless payments or biometric payments.

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