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YouTube to stop showing exact subscriber counts in September

Video-sharing platform YouTube will be implementing a few changes on its website as it will start showing abbreviated public subscriber counts and will stop displaying the exact number of subscribers throughout September.

According to YouTube, the exact subscriber counts for accounts with over 1000 subscribers will be abbreviated but creators will still be able to view their exact subscriber counts privately in YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics.

For example, if an account has 123,456,789 subscribers, YouTube Data API Service will only display 123M subscribers.

YouTube stated: “We heard a lot of feedback from the community following our announcement in May and wanted to share more about why we’re making the change. Beyond creating more consistency, this addresses creator concerns about stress and wellbeing, specifically around tracking public subscriber counts in real time. We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and experience less pressure about the numbers.”

“While we know not everyone will agree with this update, we hope it’s a positive step for the community, both those viewing and creating content,” YouTube added.

(Photo source: Twitter – @TeamYouTube)