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Survey shows 71% of students own or prefer Mac

A survey conducted by Apple device management company Jamf revealed that 71% of students in higher education either use or prefer Mac.

According to the data released by Jamf, 71% of students prefer to use Mac, citing several reasons such as ease of use (59%), reliability (57%), durability (48%) and synchronization with other devices (49%).

Meanwhile, the survey participated by 2,244 current college and university students across five countries also shows that 51% of PC users would prefer Mac if the cost were not considered.

Students using PCs also agree that Mac provides the greatest value, despite its higher cost (43%) while 80% of Mac users believe that Mac offers a better value.

Students who use Mac remain loyal to their devices as 83% still want to use Mac when entering the workforce.

Mac users also see Mac as more intuitive (58%), longer lasting (50%), more secure (43%) and encouraging of productivity (40%).

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