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Tag-ulan Hits: Finding real joy this rainy season

You better have gone to the beach already or have enjoyed the sun in your manysummer parties because it’s official: the rainy season is here.The sound of raindrops on the roof will now be your background music while the series of puddles on the road will be your obstacle courseon the way to work.

But don’t let the gloomy weather rain on your parade. Here’s a list of things you can do to stay warm, cozy and cheerful during this cold and wet season.

Keep warm this sweater weather with the perfect comfort food

Push away the cold and satisfy your cravings brought by the season with a hot bowl of soup. A goodbowl oframen, rice porridge, chicken soup or champorado paired with dried fish will definitely bring warmth to any bed weather day.

The steamy meal will not only boost your energy but lift your spirit almost instantly as well.

Enjoy live music in a local gig

Pinoys love their music, and no drizzle can dampen an audiophile’s thirst for a gig! Ramp up your music streaming experience by catching your favorite OPM band in a local gig.

Sing your heart out to mellow tunes and capture the moment on your phone while sharing new music recommendations to your loved ones and friends.