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TCL boasts foldable device line-up including foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch

Chinese company TCL is stepping up its display game alongside other tech companies as it is reportedly working on a foldable device line-up which includes two tablets, two smartphones, and one phone that can be bent into a smartwatch.

In a report by, the line up shows one tablet which has a display that folds inward while the other has a display outside.

The smartphones, meanwhile, have two variants with one folding inside and another folding outside, both bent at the horizontal line like a flip phone.

The last phone is probably the most interesting yet as it appears to be a tall and skinny device which could be curved and transformed into a cuff seemingly meant to be worn around the wrist.

However, the released images were still preliminary, meaning TCL could still chance or scrap the mentioned devices.

Regardless of the possible changes, a TCL executive said that the company is set to release its first foldable device in 2020.

Apart from smartphones and tablets, TCL said that other products such as wearables, home appliances and TVs could also benefit from the new and much raved about foldable technology.

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