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Technology to be the key driver for enterprises come ASEAN Integration

Companies across Southeast Asia are gearing up to take advantage of the ASEAN economic integration that is set to take effect in December this year. With trade barriers out of the way, the move is seen to open various opportunities for the domestic business sector but also poses a greater need for local enterprises to level up and adapt to changes.

Key to improving one’s business are IT and mobile solutions such as custom software and enterprise-level mobile applications, said Yondu Chief Technology Officer Carlo Lasala. Yondu, one of the Philippines’ top IT and mobile solutions providers, offers an extensive range of IT and mobile services that allow enterprises to innovate their processes to get maximum business growth.

“Technology solutions are necessary to maximize business productivity and automate processes. They are essential to integrate systems, people, and business processes so that business owners can boost efficiency, make smarter decisions, and dedicate more time on bigger and more important priorities,” he said.

One way to do so is through custom-developed business software, which is an important tool to automate processes and workflow, as well as boost people performance. It accommodates the specific requirements, needs and wants of an enterprise which can drive breakthrough results for any organization.

“Every stage and every department of every business has different requirements, and it’s hard to find a ready-made software package that can address all these needs simultaneously. Custom business software can be built in accordance to what the business needs, function exactly how they want them to, and fine-tuned to how they operate, thus, allowing for greater efficiency,” Lasala said.

He added that businesses should also harness the power of mobile technology and adopt enterprise-level mobile applications for processes such as business transactions and consumer interactions. These will enable companies and their employees to be more productive and flexible.

With enterprise mobile apps, smartphones and mobile devices can turn into important tools at work since they enable processes and applications to be used anytime from any location.

Yondu is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom established in 2001 to provide software development, IT staffing and mobile services to companies in the pharmaceutical, banking, BPO, telecommunications and manufacturing industries, among others. For more information about Yondu, please visit

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