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Twitter rolls out ‘While you were away’ on Android

Twitter first introduced the ‘While you were away’ feature for iOS devices last January 21. Now, they updated the app and announced its availability on Android devices.

‘While you were away’ is a feature that recaps some of the top Tweets that you might have missed while you are away from Twitter. There are a lot of things that can happen, and they don’t want you to miss something, especially those that matters the most to you. The tweets that will be presented will be determined by your engagement and other factors.

If you are checking on Twitter every very often, you will see the recap every time you log in your Twitter account. But if you are a Twitter-savvy and spend most of your time on Twitter, you will see it less. This feature serves a reminder to catch up with your world and everything that matters offline, instead of dedicating all of your time on social media or online.

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