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Uber works on AI to identify drunk passengers

Ride sharing company Uber is applying for patent to be able to spot drunk passengers through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor its rides to its customers.

In a report by CNN Tech, a patent application stated that Uber is working on a system that studies how a passenger uses the Uber app to be able to identify unusual behavior.

The system analyzes user’s typos, the precision on clicking links and buttons, the walking speed of the customer, and the time it takes to request a ride.

Other factors are the time of the day the ride is being requested as well as the location of the customer.

Passengers that are identified as intoxicated will be matched with Uber drivers that have relevant experience or training in handling such customers.

They will not be given the option to share a ride as well.

The authors of the patent are Uber’s Trust & Safety team current or former members.

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