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Veeam: Resiliency in Data Backup and Recovery

There are different businesses that are on the rise today – making money left and right because of their services, products, and other offerings they had built on. With the help of technology, businesses has evolved from doing business transactions manually to doing it faster and more efficient with the help of cost-effective applications and machines. Today, everything is slowly evolving into becoming more digitalized.

The common application or tool that businesses use for their daily operation is Microsoft Office. They use it for communication, documentation, and for other purposes, as well. MS Office caters so many services that help businesses to keep their information and data updated. The data they have consists important details regarding their employees, clients, and other information about their business; their data and privacy are confidential and must be secure.

The importance of every data is emphasized when data-related disaster comes – from employee information to the whole organizational records and clients’ confidential information, it would destroy the reputation and integrity of the business, especially when private records are exposed to the public or exploited – or worse: erased. Data is the heart and soul of businesses. Without data, it would be unimaginable for executives or business-owners to continue without being distressed when their business is experiencing data breach or disasters. When businesses are responsible for the data they have, it shows how resilient they are.

Speaking of resiliency – Veeam offers a backup and recovery solution to all organizations to make their data more intelligent than ever. Now that most institutions are using Microsoft Office 365, Veeam lets organizations have the power to control their data by having the option to back-up and recover the Office 365 data they have. It is an intelligent choice to choose Veeam in helping taking full responsibility of the data that these businesses have.

Nowadays, we only have two options –either we make the precautionary actions that we need to do to safeguard, back-up, and recover the data we have, or just let disaster ruin the business we have.

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