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Waze launches Google Mobile Service option with preinstall selection for mobile devices

Waze, the free social traffic and navigation app becomes a Google Mobile Service (GMS) with preinstall option on mobile devices. Thus, OEMs and carriers can preinstall the app on their handsets so that user can enjoy Waze directly on his phone straight out of the box.

Julie Mossler, Waze spokesperson, explains that “the announcement of Waze as a Google Mobile Service is the next step to become a platform that connects communities of citizens with the aim of promoting safer roads. OEMs and carriers now have the ability to help local markets to become connected cities overnight. ”

The Waze Connected Citizens program, launched in 2013, connects more than 20 municipalities, law enforcement and departments of transportation with their citizens via a no-cost two-way public data share. The ability for consumers to more easily access Waze without visiting the App store means a likely expansión of data contributed to this program and greater intelligence about what’s happening on partners’ roads in real time.

“If a telecom preinstalls Waze in their handsets, a meaningful part of the population would immediately have access to blocked roads, dangerous intersections traffic and more in real time,” says Mossler. “There’s an enormous opportunity to improve city efficiency and civilian connectedness just by enhanced exposure and we look forward to growing this community.”

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