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What to Love About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

For the creative who’s always on the move, inspiration can strike in a flash and disappear just as fast. They know that the key to reaching their goals and visions is to keep creating and innovating every day. To do this they need for the right companion to grab the inspiration and work towards their dreams.

That’s where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes in! The latest in the esteemed Note series from the Korean tech giant, this powerful device boasts of a number of features that lets you draw from everyday inspiration.

Supercharged S Pen

Touted as the “pen with a soul,” the S Pen is one of the signature features of Note phones. The Note 9 version enjoys a huge upgrade. It now serves as a Bluetooth device that can control the camera shutter and music playback. Whether you’re writing important notes or drawing your next masterpiece, the S Pen gives you a whole new way of communicating.

Intelligent Camera

Capture inspiration as it happens with the Note 9’s upgraded camera. With the dual aperture and auto scene recognition, preserve the beauty of the night with clear, crisp photos. Highlight your favorite moments using the super slow mo feature. Packed with these features, a 12MP dual rear camera, and an 8MP front camera, the Note 9 lets you bring stories to life in an instant.